How to Dress Fall When the Temps are Screamin’ Summa

Hey guys! Back again with some new thoughts to throw at you. I'm getting ready to leave on a trip to Waco Texas for a week with one of my clients! This is my first big trip for work since starting my new business and I am crazy excited! Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see what I'm up to this week as I experience Silobration 2017 at THE Waco Silo's (yep the Chip & JoJo ones). Also, follow my client Tuck and Bundle and catch a glimpse into the fun, I mean work we'll be doing. 

So, packing for my trip to Texas has me thinking about outfits and what I will be wearing each day. Like most people that try to plan accordingly, I went to my trusty iPhone to access Apple Weather to see what kind of temps Texas has waiting for me. OF COURSE Texas and Virginia seem to be on the same page both seem to be forgetting that we are actually in Fall now. Mother nature what the heck?! A recent conversation with one of my very best friends had me thinking that it might be helpful for me to share with you all some ideas on how to dress fall even when the temps are screaming' summa! 

To help with some inspiration I've created a temporary Pinterest Board that reflects some of the idea's I'll be sharing here. As soon as Mother Nature gets her act together I'll be taking it down; so get over there and check it out!

Usually, at this point, those who love fall are ready to sport fall duds and put away their summer garb. Sundresses, cut off shorts, tanks, and sandals get replaced with jeans, flannel, light jackets, and booties. But who out there has switched over their wardrobe, stepping out in layers, only to find themselves a sweaty mess seconds later?  Yep, that’s me, I totally have. As someone who loves fashion and clothes, nothing bothers me more than feeling like I'm not dressed s e a s o n appropriate (rather than weather appropriate).  So I'm going to break down some easy ways to do both! YES you can dress both s e a s o n and weather appropriate leaving you to feel confident and comfortable at all your important fall outings  (pumpkin patch, state fair, football game etc.) 


1. Wear lightweight plaid (NOT FLANNEL).

Plaid screams fall right?  I know so many of us can't wait to bust those out, but flannel can be one of the worst things to wear when temps are above 70! Luckily, stores make cotton options that are a great trick for looking fall without feeling it. Leave it open over a tank or button it up, but don't put another shirt under if you do. Fall may be for layering, but 70+ degrees sure isn't! So that brings me to my next point.


2. Wear layers without actually being layered!

Whaaaaaa? Does that make sense you guys? You can wear layers without the warmth of layers! Just make sure area's that hold in heat don't have more than one layer on them. Light cardigans, light jackets, blazers, and the newly popular oversized denim jacket can all be worn on a warmer day just as long as you're not wearing long sleeves or even short sleeves under it (hello let those arm pits breath will you?). If this is still too hot just drape your fall cover-up over your shoulders and viola you'll look extra chic!


3. Don't put away those cut off denim shorts just yet.

Being both weather and season appropriate is about balance. If I'm going to wear long sleeves like for instance a button up plaid cotton shirt and its 80 degrees out I'm not going to wear jeans and booties! This is where my favorite piece of summer comes into play.  The denim short. For me cut offs are a staple in my summer wardrobe so its no problem for me to hang onto them into fall especially, if I stay cool and stylish at the same time. So don't be afraid to wear shorts if you want to rock that new light sweater, plaid shirt, or blazer you just bought because your naked legs will keep you nice and cool!  Put some fun booties, loafers or mules on your feet and you get to wear TWO fall staples without sweating it out!


4. Wear that cute skirt you bought in fall a material, just skip the tights! 

You do NOT have to tell me twice to skip wearing tights. Ugh, one of my least favorite things about cooler weather. So the incredibly awesome thing about warm fall weather is getting to wear fall skirts and dresses without them! Look Californians and Arizonians have been doing this for years let's get on board Virginia, it's ok! Grab that suede, corduroy, or leather skirt and pair it  with your favorite T-shirt (graphic or essential) and those new loafers you bought after reading my last article and your set! If it gets a little chilly in the evening bring a denim jacket, blazer, cardigan, or light weight sweater to go over it. 


5. Don't put away your Birks! 

Some of you may of not jumped on board the Birkenstock wagon this summer, so if you didn't just think of your favorite pair of sandals and keep those out a little longer. Putting sandals on your feat with cooler weather clothes is a super simple way to keep cool. Pair them with jeans and a cozy sweater, or a longer length, long sleeve dress! This option may have to keep your pedicure appointment a little longer, la sigh. 


6. T-shirt dresses or your favorite summer dress under a fall cover up!

EASY EASY EASY oh and comfy too!  T-shirt dresses are so comfy so keep those out a little longer and just layer something on top. Again, just make sure you're not too layered! Short sleeve and tank dresses work best. If you're going to rock your favorite sun dress, choose materials that are neutral NO summer patterns or summer colors! Put an oversized cardigan, oversized denim jacket, military jacket, or blazer and then some cute fall shoes on your feet and you're on your way! 


7. Pick a loose fitting breezy long sleeve blouse!

If its a breezy shirt that will allow air flow you can pair it with other warmer pieces. Tuck it in and add a cute belt or leave it loose and let the air flow up it as well (oooh thats nice). 



A hat is a popular fall accessory.....A hat is a popular summer accessory.... Wearing your fall hats can help keep sun out of your face JUST like they do in the summer, imagine that! Just leave the straw sun hat at home and go for the wool flat brim options. Also, baseball caps, they're here they're trendy and they come in fall materials (velvet, suede, leather)! 


There you have it. Here's my ideas for dressing fall even when the weather hasn't quite caught up yet! This is definitely not the be all end all, but hopefully these ideas help you survive this heat wave some! Cooler weather will be here before we know it; so have fun experimenting mixing your summer and fall wardrobes! It doesn't have to be overwhelming! You can do it! If you have any questions post them here or pop over and sign up for access to my style forum where you can actually post pics of outfits and have my style-ties weigh in on whether or not it works!