Birkenstocks Yes or No?

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Born in 1985, I definitely owned Birks in the 90s. This is not my first rodeo with these simplistic, hippy shoes. Many of you are deciding whether or not give them a try for the first time, but for some of us we're trying to figure out whether to revisit the fashion trend of the 90's.


A friends Facebook status recently polled others on the shoe brand and here's some of the pros and cons that came from the discussion to help you decide:


P r o s:




Lots of choices (different Styles)


Easy to slide on and go


Celebrities seem to love them


In style with the younger crowd




C o n s:


Some say they’re not comfortable at all


Can dye your feet orange if you sweat a lot or spend a lot of time at the pool (although Birkenstock makes some rubber stylish options as well with a better price point)


Too 90's







There are things I agree should be left in the past, but Birkenstock and its copycat brands (in my opinion) are doing a great job of reinventing themselves for a more current look. After trying them on several times I finally took the plunge with a pair of all matte black as pictured here: Arizona Birko-Flor Black. It's no secret I'm a sucker for black. Black will never go out of style. So a pair of classic Birks with matte black hardware, to me was a no brainer. The metallic options are a fun up-to-date look as well.


The reinvention of the brand helps this shoe company fit in with the fashion of today, but how you style them can either make you look out of date or effortlessly f r e s h and comfy chic! As a mom, I really dig this look. So I say Birks are back friends, but you won't see me rushing to buy one of their fall clog styles (I may eat this comment later if some of you show me some awesome fall outfits with clogs). Just be careful what you pair them with and if your questioning it head to our forum and let others weigh in.




What are your opinions? What did I miss from my p r o s and c o n s list? Comment below because I'd love to hear from you. In my opinion some fashion trends work for some and not for others, but I love a good fashion debate! Have pictures of you in your favorite Birks or Birk look a-likes? Head over to the forum to show us!