King George, VA Farmer's Market

One of the many reasons I fell in love with California is their Farmers Markets. NOTHING beats a Cali market! Nothing! In Tucson (despite loving it there) I really missed a real farmers market. Most of the ones there are more "artisan" than "farmer", which is neat, but I love me some fresh local foods!

I was super excited to find out King George had their own farmers market. Especially, when it seems they really don't have much else. This market gets better each Saturday and the venders there are great! Now you really cannot beat West Coast prices when it comes to veggies and fruit, but the fact that all the ones for sale at the market are local, makes the price much better. Plus, most venders don't use pesticides or any other harmful substances to keep their stuff fresh! They also have more than one organic meat vender, for such a small area, that alone is amazing! Check out a list of all their venders and information about their schedule head to their Facebook page.

The gentleman that started and organizes the farmers market is the nicest and very involved in the community! If you see Agostinho (pictured above and always very festive) out and about tell him "hey" for me!

The farmers market here also takes SNAP for those interested be sure to check out the info on that here.

We decided to take some pictures on "Family Fun Day" which was the market right before the 4th of July, hence the reason for all the red, white and blue! They don't always do family fun days like this, but if you follow them on Facebook you can stay in the loop about when they'll have special things there for the kids!

Here are a few of our favorite venders (in no particular order):

  1. Legacy Deep, LLC - Pastured Pork and Eggs

  2. Tarrell Farm- Pastured Chicken and Eggs

  3. McGinnis Hill Farm- Farm Fresh Eggs, homemade jams, watermelon rind pickles etc.

  4. Virginia Commonwealth Rosters- COLD BREW (+nitro) and coffee beans

  5. JennEclairs- Pie's, Pastries and Éclairs (and yummy scones too!)

  6. Buck Wild Wood Farm and Forestry- "Beyond Organic" meats

  7. DC Dills- Delicious pickles in many different flavors