Old Rag, VA Birthday Hike

Who has seen the movie "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon? It's such a good movie and the book (although I haven't read it, is on my list of books I need to read). If you've seen the movie or read the book you know the main character hikes the Appalachian Trail (a 2,180+ mile trail spanning from Georgia to Maine).


No.  I didn't hike this...! I'm pretty strong and active, but I'm nowhere near ready for that. Maybe I'll do it one day (maybe...). I did however; hike a small portion of it that connects to the Appalachian Trail! Go me!  For someone who loathes cardio a 9 mile hike with rock scrambles is a pretty big deal! I've always loved hiking. I fell in love with it while living in Monterey, California with all the gorgeous hikes in Big Sur and surrounding areas; so when a new friend, and fellow Gemini soul "sista" asked me to hike with her for our birthday's (that fall in the same week) I couldn't pass up the opportunity!

The first picture is of Gina and I at the summit 3000+ feet up! If you love hiking and want to do one of the most popular hikes famed for its rock scrambles and beautiful summit this ones for you! I did it to prove to myself that I'm not old and to get out in nature, without my kids!

Lululemon kept me cool and well supported in all the right areas on this 95-degree day! Shorts are speed shorts and the top is no longer available (Get Low Scoop Back for all you eBay/Posh shoppers), but there’s a similar one here. Sports bra is older and it's called Free to be Wild, but their new Free to be Zen is very similar.  Shoes are New Balance, I prefer a minimalist style athletic shoe without feeling like something is in between my toes; so I was thrilled to find out after discontinuing their original minimus shoe (10v1) they had plans to bring it back and they did! The exact ones I have on can be found here, or a slightly different style can be found here and here! Now if only Nike would make a truly minimalist shoe! My sunglasses are Diff Eyewear Cruz frames and I've gotta say I love supporting companies that give back, makes me feel so much better about my consumer habits! Backpack is a Camelpak and it's old, but I plan on getting this awesome one you can find here.

What are your favorite hikes? I'd love to try ones near you. Bonus points if they include waterfalls! We did Yosemite several years ago and I enjoyed the scenic, yet very wet hike through the falls!