Velvet Crush


Velvet made a come back this passed winter you guys. If you didn't notice you either chose not to or perhaps you hibernated through winter? I purchased one piece of velvet this winter and hadn't had a chance to wear till our anniversary trip to NYC.

I waited till summer to wear it mainly because I’m a mom and it has spaghetti straps AND my husband’s and I's date nights are few and far between. I decided to bring it out in NYC because there's no better place to think outside the box when it comes to fashion. New Yorker's have always made their own rules when it comes to seasons and style so wearing velvet in summer felt right.

This piece is gorgeous, a beautiful Nordic blue velvet to match my daughters favorite bow by Wunderkin Co.  and from one of my favorite brands J.Crew. If you have a little girl and you haven't checked out it, but please don't blame me for the addiction that will result from it.

Velvet has been a long time winter fabric due to its thickness in nature, but recently after the fabulous Hillary (founder and major boss babe of Wunderkin) polled a Facebook group of fun bow obsessed momma's, I started to think maybe in the right colors and the right pieces, velvet could work in the spring and summer. Wunderkin (previously Free Babes Handmade) had a luxe Velvet line in winter that took all my money. The line sold out in seconds, re-stock after re-stock; so Hillary decided to ask her customers whether they'd like a spring velvet. The vote was pretty much unanimous: Y E S to velvet spring pastels! In a collaborating with Rachel Parcell she released one blush pastel to test the market and brand lovers are still begging for more. AND (edited to add) she will be releasing new custom dyed velvets this fall/winter so stay tuned! It looks so simple and sweet in my daughter’s hair and it's not hot because, hey it's a bow! I've seen some celebrities such as Zoe Saldana rock velvet several times on the red carpet and many brands are releasing tee shirts and camisoles made up of the fabric. Would you rock velvet past the winter months? I didn't feel guilty at all doing it.

Images curtsey of Wunderkin Co. & Pinterest