Styled Family Shoot: The Walsh Family

Hi all!

Summer has been so busy, juggling work, building a house and rushing the kids around to all their activities. Not going to lie though, I don’t want it to end and I’m dreading when the days of water play and fun in the sun are over.

I mentioned on Instagram that I had an adorable family session to share of one of my favorite families; so here I am sharing the magic The Girl Tyler made with this naturally beautiful family! The session was for their youngest, 1st birthday. This family shares my love for natural everyday, lifestyle photography. How cool is it that you can have a talented photographer take pictures of your family in their natural habitat. Now, don’t get me wrong I love a high fashion, perfectly curated shoot too, but there’s something so bittersweet about capturing every day moments before they slip away.

Kendal is one of my bff’s and one of my bridesmaids. I love her dearly and I take it as a huge compliment that she asked me to choose their attire for these special photos. She knew there would be 4 different looks only two of them involving the adults. Knowing that these photos would hang on their walls we wanted to make sure the colors worked seamlessly with their decor, but also we wanted to push it a little outside the norm for the outdoor family photos. Kendal has already had a natural sophistication and elegance about her (she’s going to kill me for saying that), so I wanted to play on that for the photos inside the home. For her we decided on a simple pair of denim and a nice crisp oversized white button up. I love the sexy sophisication of a white oversized button-up and how its effortless and the larger look can create movement in certain shots! Her shirt we sourced from The Loft and her jeans were her favorite pair she already had at home. For her husband, Patrick I wanted simple with some layers to create coziness. I knew I could count on Patrick for having exactly what I pictured in his closet! A cozy grey cardigan and a white henley, jeans and a belt worked great so that they didn’t all blend together and blend into the sheets. For Henry, their oldest, I found an adorable garmet dyed polo that matched their quilt and also wanted him in his comfy worn in jeans (you have to be careful working with children that they can only be so ‘styled’ in their clothes, uncomfortable children = unhappy children = a photoshoot full of crying). For Harrison Kendal had found a cute little onesie from Primary and I loved its simplicity and worked off of that for their outfits.

For the outdoor photos we stuck with their tried and true blue hues and added in some olive green and neutral cream, tan tones. When we saw the adorable dino print button up from Gap for Harrison we knew we had to work off that and Kendal had asked about a simple and sophisticated dress that coordinated perfectly! I found a worn looking olive green polo to coordinate with the dino shirt for Henry and some stinking’ cute camouflage slip ons for pattern mixing for Harrison. This picture proves that it’s OK and even awesome when you can mix patterns, the key is the colors have to coordinate and all the patterns cannot be loud. They have to compliment not one can steal the show, and if it does it better be on whom ever you want all the attention directed to! A simple stripe (like on Kendal’s dress) is an easy way to mix patterns and I love how Patricks Chambray button down which a subtle pin-dot coordinates with it.

For the two scenes of just the boys Kendal already had adorable “Oh Brother” Shirts picked out from an IG shop. And for that, I loved the simplicity of them and the message they sent, so we kept it simple with Henry in jeans and Harrison in his diaper (babes in diapers is there anything cuter?!). For the bath scene all we needed was a naked baby with delicious rolls, some water, and a loving momma. We decided to keep that simple and Have Kendal stay in her white button and up and denim for that. Minimizing changes and time away from the kids to keep them happy!


I hope you enjoyed these photos, it was so hard for me to pick which to share so check out The Girl Tyler’s website and Instagram and you can find more of this adorable family via Kendal’s Instagram here. Also, for adorable fluffy keep sake sea creatures that I mentioned in my Holiday Gift Giving Guide check out Kendal and her sisters shop Bertie Blue on IG, here.