Branding Shoot: Lauren V Photography

I love love love this lady! Lauren of Lauren V Photography and I were introduced through a mutual friend and we pretty much hit it off at our first meeting. She took my branding images; so I was super excited to get to help her find some looks for her branding photo shoot. Marketing and branding genius’ will tell you how important your branding images are for your business. In most cases, these images are the first introduction and the basis for any opinions formed by potential clients. That’s why one of the first questions I ask is, “What do you want your clients to know about you?” Followed by asking you to describe your ideal client. Your look in branding photos has to be a polished version of yourself; you cannot throw on a look that isn’t you and expect to land clients who are compatible to work with. They will form different opinions of you and may expect a different person when they actually meet you.

Now I’m pretty sure Lauren’s personality is comparable with any client, but we really wanted to communicate her personality in these photos anyway. Lauren is funny, laid back, and a hard worker. When she shows up to a session she shows up ready to do whatever it takes to capture amazing images and she even provides comic relief while she does it. So for her looks we wanted outfits that were her just slightly more polished, that would also translate beautifully in photos, work with the studio she’d be photographed in, and jive with her branding colors. We wanted clothing she could move in and be cozy in.

She showed me the studio she’d be photographed in and the photographer that would be taking them. Jami Thompson of Jami Thompson Photography’s studio was perfect so I can see why she chose to do it there. It was a very neutral and light filled space so we knew we wanted to bring some color in, but also keep the overall look light and airy. Lauren showed me her color scheme and all the little business items she had that she planned to incorporate in her photos; like the coffee mug pictured. We decided to keep her outfit neutral since many of her everyday business items (planner, phone case, coffee mug) matched the prominent color in her scheme. Below is one of her pictures run through the Pantone App to show roughly what her branding colors are and how they translated to her branding images along with a snippet of what she said about working with me.

Pantone Lauren V Branding Shoot

When Lauren and I went shopping for her looks we had SO much fun! I mean it was almost like the scene from The Sweetest Thing with Carmen Diaz and Christina Applegate where they do a movie montage in the dressing room. Almost…next time Lauren right?!

I pulled items off the sales floor and had them waiting for her when she got there. We picked the store because I had done research and some of the things I envisioned I knew this one particular store had. We stuck with sweaters, cardigans, jeans and a few blouses that would still be comfortable during the shoot. We also wanted to make sure necklines worked with a special piece of jewelry she knew she wanted to wear and that was her locket with her children’s pictures inside. I love signature jewelry so I was completely on board with that and I also believe you can purchase a locket like hers with photos inside from your shoot with her which is so so cool!

Wrapping this up, please enjoy a few images from her branding shoot. If you wanna see more, check out her site and follow along with her on social media! I also really love that she included her pup in her branding photos. Also because she is so passionate about helping other pups, 10% of every session booked with her goes to the Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond.